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How to Write a Scope of Work and Why it's Important for Rehabbing a Home

A scope of work or statement of work (SOW) is a document used to outline the services and duties required from a contractor to complete a specific project. It is used in the construction and renovation of real estate, such as for rehabilitating a property. The scope of work for a rehab property provides a detailed overview of the project and its associated tasks, along with deadlines and cost estimates. In this article, we will discuss how to fill out a scope of work for a rehab property.

Step 1: Define the Project

The first step in creating a scope of work is to define the project. This includes setting a timeline, outlining the scope of the project, and considering any potential risks. Your timeline should include a date of completion and milestones that must be met along the way. Additionally, it should establish project roles and responsibilities.

Step 2: Outline the Tasks

Next, you need to outline the tasks associated with the project. This includes the materials and supplies that will be needed for the project, the procedures for completing each task, and the time limits for each task. You should also include any special instructions or instructions related to safety.

Step 3: Estimate the Cost

After you have outlined the tasks associated with the project, it is time to estimate the cost. You can use a cost estimating software program, or you can manually calculate the costs. Make sure to consider labor costs, overhead costs, and materials. Additionally, make sure to include a contingency plan in case there are unexpected delays or issues.

Step 4: Draft the Document

Once you have outlined the tasks and estimated the costs, it is time to draft the document. This document should include the timeline, the scope of work, the tasks, the estimated costs, and any additional information related to the project. Once you have drafted the document, it is important to review and revise it as needed.

Creating a scope of work for a rehab property is an important step in renovating a property. By following these steps and including all necessary information, you can create a comprehensive scope of work document that will ensure the successful completion of the project.


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